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Providing the perfect solution for controlling traffic flow through number plate recognition technology
South London CCTV Control traffic flow and access to your premises through vehicle identification systems
ANPR Camera Systems
Delivering total peace of mind through vehicle identification to control traffic flow and access to your premises
ANPR Cameras - Providing automatic number plate recognition for total peace of mind
Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR or LPR) is typically used for automatic vehicle identification and vehicle access control applications, be it in a commercial, industrial or domestic setting. This intelligent technology consists of a camera with built-in software Optical Character Recognition, otherwise known as OCR which helps for those wishing to control traffic flow in and out of any given premises.
CCTV Cameras South London Automatic vehicle identification
CCTV South London Vehicle access control applications
CCTV Installer South London Optical Character Recognition software
  CCTV Installer South London One of the most significant advantages of using automatic number plate recognition or ANPR applications is the fact that such software takes advantage of every car's most basic requirement, its license numberplate. Such software can be used to control traffic flow both in and out of your premises and allows the user to grant access on an individual basis which is fantastic to those wanting to monitor people entering or leaving any given area.
CCTV Installer South London
CCTV South London
Why choose ANPR
for your business?
For those needing to establish who, when, and at what time, any given vehicle accessed or left any given premises, automatic number plate recognition is fantastic.

Being able to automate access to your premises within your day-to-day schedules, ANPR provide a fantastic amount of flexibility and control, ensuring both premises and people alike are safeguarded to the maximum possible level.

CCTV Installer South London Vehicle identification for parking management facilities
CCTV Installers South London Vehicle access control with one-off or short term access
CCTV South London Vehicle management, rapidly changing car populations and handling deliveries
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